Stewardship in the Church

Children of All Ages Want to Give to Others

In fact, children often lead adults onto paths of generosity. Most people learn best by doing and children’s contributions need to be encouraged, accepted, and appreciated in the life of the whole church.


The Center for Faith and Giving

This is a great resource already gathered to assist in helping find ways to enable children and families in stewardship.


Church Money Offerings

  • Make sure that offerings are always collected in the context of worship.

  • Encourage children to pledge and ask that they be provided envelopes to use.


Children as Stewards

Ask members of the property committee if there are jobs a children’s Church School class or a family with young children might do, such as washing nursery toys, dusting pews, picking up litter around the church grounds.


Even very young children can share gifts in worship.

  • They can be greeters and help hand out worship bulletins.

  • They can sing in the children’s choir, play musical instruments, light candles, help prepare communion and decorate for special holidays.

  • Older children can read scripture and serve on the diaconate.

  • All ages of children can offer prayers.

  • Their art can beused for bulletin covers.


Children should be provided opportunities to participate in outreach projects on a regular basis, not just at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Allow them some decision making by offering several choices and letting them choose the projects that they believe God is calling them to do.

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