Practice Your Faith at Home

Ideas for MEAL times

  • Offer a table prayer by rolling one or more Prayer Cubes.

  • Light a candle as a reminder that Christ is present and that this is a sacred time together.

  • Have each person at the table ask a question.

  • Read a favorite family scripture passage.

  • Pass around the newspaper and have each person offer a prayer based on something in the news. (Or you websites newsfeed.)

  • During your before meal prayer, take time to pray in gratitude for and the wellbeing of the farmers and farm, processing, packaging, shipping and retail workers who brought the food to your family.

  • Create a family spiritual journal and periodically pass it around for participants to add their comments, pictures (for young children) and prayers.

  • Take time after dinner to Skype family members in other cities and states, offering a greeting, song and/or prayer.

  • Sing or say simple globally mindful graces such as: “For food in a world where many walk in hunger, for faith in a world where many walk in fear, for friends in a world where many walk alone, we give you thanks O God.”


  • Share in a simple breath, faith affirmation, body prayer (a gesture of faith such as the sign of the Cross or “Namaste” greeting and bow or an upward or outward stretch) as a reminder of God’s presence and love in each of our lives.

  • Preceded by a few moments of silence, share a finger labyrinth, thumb ball, prayer beads or prayer stones with each other along with a few spoken intercessions.

  • Read a short scripture passage three times with brief pauses for breath prayer in between each reading as a way to be centered in Christ and the wisdom of God in your body, mind and spirit.

  • Read a Bible story together using a storybook Bible.

  • Offer a prayer for someone you encountered during the day or from the previous day.

  • Have each person share the best, worst and funniest moment of the day.


Ideas for CAR and TRAVEL times

  • Listen to inspiring music for all ages or inspiring podcasts.

  • Ask each other questions.

  • Read from a downloaded devotional app on your smartphone or tablet.

  • Sing songs together, play car games together or listen and discuss a novel together.

  • Pray for ambulance drivers, police officers and people and places that you’re driving past.

  • Keep a cross or a battery-operated candle on the dashboard as a reminder that Christ is present.

  • Read and discuss books or articles together.

  • Discuss the pastor’s sermon or a spiritual insight from worship or a learning experience letting thoughts and questions remain open and lively (maintaining an attitude of non-judgment).

  • As a family, talk about and make future plans such as family servant events and what ministries or charitable causes you might want to collectively support.

  • Create a family trip journal and photo album when taking family getaways.

MORE IDEAS can be found on the Family Day to Day Page


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