• Move beyond the "Silo" mindset...

  • Embrace & share the knowledge of others...

  • Select partners wisely...

  • Be intentional about collaboration...

  • Make collaboration a sustainable habit...


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Becoming a Collaborative Leader - Jim Ladoux

HELP! (For Leaders)

This entire website is to help those working with families find helpful resources. At the same time, as leaders, we sometimes just need basic HELP visioning and refocusing to find where God is truly calling our ministries. We need to know the current trends, be inspired, and feel supported in the midst of our busy lives.


Here is a guide to help you find some of the most helpful areas of this website for the rejuvenation of your ministry.



Remember, if there was only ONE answer to how ministry works, we wouldn't need a whole website! Just take one step at a time, and know that you are not alone.


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