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Children Worship & Wonder Trainings are two- to three-day events for leaders seeking trainng to become story tellers, greeters, or simply to learn more about Children Worship & Wonder. Events take place all over the country at various churches. Find an event near you and become a part of this faith changing experience.


If you would like to learn more about the program go to the Children Worship & Wonder main page. If you would like to host a training event, please contact us by e-mail or phone.

Summer 2019


Intergenerate is a new intergenerational Christian formation conference for church leaders of all denominations to explore the question “How can we bring the generations back together?”


Learn more.

DYMN (Disciples Youth Ministry Network) Gatherings provide access to authors, leaders, and thinkers across denominational borders to dialogue with about trends in youth culture, personal identity, theology, exegesis, and faith development for young people.To provide maximum access to the keynoter for participants, and to foster conversation DYMN Gatherings have limited space.

LOGOS is GenOn’s signature offering — a weekly intergenerational experience for children and/or youth that creates an intentional arena where all ages, together, can learn about, experience, and practice the art of Christian relationships.

Vibrant Faith offers a variety of training, coaching, and other resources for Christian faith formation leaders. They are currently updating their training options

July 9-12, 2020


What the Wild Goose community believes is best discovered through shared experience. There is no litmus test beyond an open heart. There is no creed required beyond a willingness to meet respectfully across lines of difference, to share wisdom and listen to each other’s stories, and become more than the sum of our parts

FTE believes that community is nurtured both in and outside the walls of the church. Our events convene tomorrow’s leaders, those who teach them and the communities that call them. Through these gatherings, FTE facilitates an environment of mutual support and inspiration. 

From webinars to training courses, certifications, and conferences, there are many ways to stay active in and refresh your work in ministry. If you have specific goals and do not see what you need listed, please contact us.

Two awesome locations in 2020!!  Atlanta- March 12-14 and Vancouver- April 30- May 2.

We are committed to presenting a diverse line-up of speakers, fresh ideas for the theory and practice of youth ministry, and space for you to share your voice as well.

April 17-19, 2018 in Chicago


Faith Forward is an interdenominational group that is "dedicated to bringing together children’s and youth ministry leaders for collaboration, resourcing, and inspiration toward innovative theology and practice."

Our Whole Lives (OWL) is a comprehensive sexuality and health education program thats offers age-approriate education for children, youth, and adults in the context of faith.

Association of United Church Educators (AUCE) is "a membership organization, of and for lay and ordained, paid and volunteer educators and youth workers, which has been providing advocacy and support for church education and educators in the United Church of Christ." Regional AUCE groups offer regular events and conferences.

Participants in the Children's Disaster Service 27-hour workshop learn to provide comfort and encouragement to children by offering the healing young children need in traumatic situations. They learn to create a safe, friendly environment that gives children the chance to engage in therapeutic play activities designed to relieve stress and calm fears.

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The Disciples of Christ and the United Church of Christ offer many events throughout the year. Families and children are encouraged to participate actively from the local to the national level.


For national events, check out the following:


General Assembly - Disciples of Christ

National Convocation (African American Ministries)

NAPAD (North American Pacific Asian Disciples)

Obra Hispana

UCC Youth Events


For local events and camp opportunities, check out your region's or conference's website:


Disciples Regional Websites

United Church of Christ Conference Websites


If you are seeking a specialty camp, check out our Summer Programs Specialty Camp page  or contact us.


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