Disciples Care for Children

Because we have been called by Christ to love and care for every child, Disciples Care for Children seeks to be a voice for children by empowering and supporting congregations in building up ministries that nurture and care for all children.


Disciples Care for Children is a way for Disciples Congregations to connect with one another and share their best ideas for working with children and families. If you or your congregation is seeking to make the ministry with children a top priority, you will want to be part of this network of Disciples who want to minister to children, prepare themselves to receive ministry from children and enter into ministry with  children.

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A few years ago a charter was signed by many congregations who wanted to show their solidarity of the importance of intentionally finding ways to include children in their congregation life. The message of this charter is still important and we encourage you to read what it says. If your church would like to be included, please contact us.

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