Tough Situations

Children Now: Tips for talking with kids about tough issues

Topics include Sex & Relationships, Violence, Race, Terrorism, Divorce, and more.


Mr. Rogers

This website covers lots of different weekly themes (Divorce, Pets, Adoption, Feelings, Scary Stuff, Working Parents, School, Food, Nighttime, etc.)


PBS Parents Website

Lots of helpful resources to help families with good and bad situations.


National Association for School Psychologist Resources


Iona Community: E-Liturgies and Prayers

Liturgies for difficult situations.


Paediatric Chaplaincy Network

We are a group of multi faith religious and spiritual care staff and volunteers working in hospitals, hospices and the wider community. Includes videos, stories, and worship recommendations.


The Dougy Center

The Dougy Center provides a safe place for children, teens, young adults and their families who are grieving a death to share their experiences through peer support groups, education, and training.


Carenotes: Elf Help Books for Kids and other Elf Help Resources
(For Kids)

Carenotes for Talking with Your Kids (For Parents)

These books and pamphlets provide a wide variety of children's stories and resources to help them, parents, families, and pastors during a difficult situation. Topics include: Death of parent, grandparent, pet, or someone in general; Illnesses, obesity, self-esteem, emotional responses, family changes, bullying, divorce, and more.

Southwest Key Programs

The Southwest Key Programs mission is Opening doors to opportunity so individuals can achieve their dreams. A national, nonprofit organization, Southwest Key is committed to keeping kids out of jails and prisons and home with their families, in their communities. 

Conscious Discipline

Conscious Discipline has fostered a fundamental shift in thinking that empowers adults and children to be the change they want to see in the world.

Physical Disabilities, Mental Disabilities, & Emotional Struggles

Support and resources for austism, depression, attention disorders, physical disabilities, and more.


Disaster & Trauma Response

Our children are not immune to what is happening in the world and on the news. They also have feelings about disasters and terrible events. Please check out these faithful ways to respond and to have children respond.

Trauma Resources


Many tough situations stem from serious faith questions and justice needs. Quality stewardship and mission work call us to respond to the tough issues around creating a more just world. There are lots of justice responses that can be found throughout this website. Below are just a few to help families, children, and youth respond.

Stewardship and Mission

Tihis page will lead you to links on creation care, global and local responses, mission opportunities, and more!

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