Hightower Graphics, Inc. in Indianapolis, Indiana, has recreated the Disciples Baptism, Membership, and Child Dedication certificates that were previously available from other sources.

*tell Chad these are certificates they originally obtained from Triangle Printing.


Each of the 3 styles may be ordered in packets of 12 including envelopes for $24.


Please contact Chad at Hightower Graphics directly to order:
Hightower Graphics, Inc.
5340 Commerce Circle Suite D.
Indianapolis, IN 46237
317-865-9160 x 313

Baptisms, Communion, & Dedications

Baptism Books and Resources

Tour of Life: A Baptism and Confirmation Journey by Jeff Wright


SALT Project: "Baptism DVD Why cancer? Why war? Why is it that life sometimes hurts so much? We live surrounded by mysteries, by so much that we do not know. But there is one thing we do know: the presence of God all around us, like the waters of our mother's womb, nourishing and sustaing us. The voice of the one who splits the heavens wide open, just to say to us: "You are my beloved. In you, I am well pleased." This is one of the most basic, beautiful, and liberating meanings of baptism. God's story entwining with our stories - of struggle, of hope, and above all, of love.Includes DVD and Study Guide."


Chalice Worship and Hymnal (Chalice Press)

“Christian Baptism” Chalice Worship, 26-43

“Welcome After Baptism” Chalice Hymnal 369


A Splash of Welcome Water published by Augsburg Press. There is also a parent and godparent resource.



Children at the Lord’s Table Book by John T. Hinant

Companion Study Guide created by Disciples Home Missions (free download)


Come Unto Me: Rethinking the Sacraments for Children by Elizabeth Caldwell


Children's Book: Let Us Pray: A Kid's Guide to the Eurcharist by Jennie Turrell


Child and Family Dedication Booklet (Disciples of Christ)

"Resources and Ideas for Child and Family Dedication/Blessing ServicesChild Dedication BookletThis booklet is a collection of dedication services from many different Disciples Congregations. It includes a service for an adopted child withan original song, “You are Chosen Ever Loved“ by David Edwards." (Click here)


Chalice Worship and Hymnal (Chalice Press)

“Blessing of Small Children” – Chalice Worship – 22-25

“Blessing of Children” – Chalice Hymnal – 364




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